Best Gift Ideas For Valentine's Day

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Meet Jossy
She's quite the belle of the barnyard community. She's sweet, affectionate, mysterious, and always has her purr-motor running. Jossy can get a little demanding at times, but we don't mind since she keeps the pests away. She deserves special cat toys this Valentine's Day for her hard work.

It Must be a Cat Thing
Other felines on the compound watch her from a distance in hopes of discovering the secrets to her popularity. We see their perplexed little faces, and their thought bubbles - "I'm a pretty kitty, too. Why does Jossy get all the attention and treats?" Caterwauling, hissing, and being a scaredy cat aren't exactly endearing qualities. Hopefully, someday the others will learn.

Cat Coffee Date
So, last Valentine's Day we stopped at a little cafe shop in town (they have the best coffee) when something caught our attention (50 States of Coffee Shops). There in the corner seated in a heart shaped chair, was the cutest ginger cat ( 8 Fun Facts About Tabby Cats). As she peered over her latte we noticed something familiar about her. Then it hit us. It was Jossy. We knew she was mysterious, and we had heard rumors, but we never would have guessed she could rock a color change like that.

Apparently, she had spent the day at the famous Cat-titude Spa (Cat Grooming Tips) in preparation for her Valentine's date with her new beau, Max, a tabby. They met through the online dating site, Caturday Nites.

One year later
It's been almost a year, but we still see Max with Jossy occasionally, and they did make a cute Valentine's couple, but we don't see much of a future for them. Jossy likes to play the field, so we aren't sure who she will be sharing Valentine fun with this year.

Cute Valentine's Day Gifts
Our Jossy, the ginger cat, T-shirt is a fun Valentine's idea for him. You know, for the "Max" in your life. Be sure to purchase yours today to ensure Valentine's Day delivery, and let him know that you "Pawsatively Love Him." Also, make sure you check out all our multiple line of products by clicking on our product links.

Also, be sure to click the link and check out our Love, Cute Valentine's Day Gifts Unisex Classic T-Shirt for cute Valentine gifts for her or for friends. Consider adopting a cat or donating to the ASPCA.

In conclusion
We have custom designed two very cute Valentine's T-Shirts that are being offered not only on T-Shirts, but also on an array of products within our store, just in time for your sweetie on Valentine's Day.

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