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Saint Valentine's Day, and the Search for the Best Valentine's Day Gifts
Romantics everywhere look forward to this holiday with anticipation. What's not to like about love, chocolates, and flowers? We feel for those who dread the pressure of tracking down the perfect Valentine's Day presents. We get it. You want to know who started this whole thing, find them, and punch them in the kisser. Unless you are single, and buying yourself perfect valentine goodies, there is plenty of room for error. As the scenario on our T-shirt shows, it's pretty important to know what your beloved desires.

How Did Valentine's Day Begin?
We also wanted to know who started this affection showing, note passing, gift giving, anxiety making holiday. It didn't begin with the Hallmark Channel
If you dare to inquire, be warned, it's a little on the dark side. The origins involve feasts, young drunken men, animal sacrifice, floggings, beheadings, martyrdom, sainthood, and romance. Since this is a family show we won't go into the gory details here, but you can read more about the origins of St. Valentine's Day at this link -

St. Valentine Fun Fact
St. Valentine is also known as the patron saint of beekeeping, epilepsy, the plague, fainting, travel, and of course, engaged couples and happy marriages. That's quite a mix, and we're sure it keeps him very busy.

Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas
In our opinion the most meaningful and/or romantic gift one can give to another is love and respect - everyday. For romance, focus on the things that are unique to you as a couple. Where was your first meeting, first date, or first movie? What's your favorite song or favorite activity as a couple? Think of ways to incorporate those specific things into the gift itself or the delivery of your gift. 

Recently, we came across a couple renewing their vows at our favorite arboretum. The husband surprised his wife with a last minute "lunch date" and asked her to meet him on the bridge where they had enjoyed their first date. She was clueless as she arrived to find her husband and their pastor waiting for her on the bridge. It was like a scene from a movie as strangers applauded their "first kiss." It was so very romantic.

Polish Your Mind Reading Skills, and Don't Skimp
The important thing to remember about Valentine's Day is that your mind reading skills better be in high gear if your Love hasn't been dropping hints. Don't end up like the little guy on our T-shirt - Up a "V" with nowhere to go. He's got the roses and chocolates, but she wanted beachfront property. Make it your goal to discover what your partner wants, and if you are going the flowers and chocolates route don't skimp. Get the good stuffOh, and mom deserves the best, as well.

Radiate Love
If you are in the Valentine's giving mood and feeling a little altruistic please check out this charity -

Conclusion: Wishing You A Happy Valentine's Day
We hope that all of your plans work out well, and that your efforts to impress your beloved are successful. With February 14th around the corner, we would love to hear how you plan on spending Valentine's Day.
In the meantime, order your Love T-shirt asap to assure Valentine's Day delivery.

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