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The SasyJam Designs' brand name derives from the combining of our initials. We are also known as Steve and Jo - a husband and wife visual art collaborative, and business team. The name seems to fit because we are indeed - sweet and sassy, and we love what we do! 

SasyJam Designs is a subsidiary of Sampson Fine Art Photography, and App To Do It, an Online Marketing Firm. We currently operate our family owned business out of North Carolina, but we are always open to new adventures so you never know where you may see us next.

I'm a highly trained photographic portrait artist who attended Columbia College in Chicago, while receiving extensive training from some of the most accomplished portrait photographers in the United States. Jo and I owned and operated a successful portrait studio in the suburbs of Chicago for thirteen years. I've had a camera in my hand for as long as I can remember.

Jo attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago where she received her MFA. She worked for one of the finest food and product photographers in Chicago for several years where she learned food and product styling, as well. She has exhibited her art work in Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, Glasgow, Scotland, and Caracas, Venezuela.

Over the years we have received many awards, grants, and have been hired to photograph events across the country. We have had our work published, as well. With all that said, we ultimately would like our work to speak for itself.

SasyJam Designs' products are all almost exclusively manufactured in the USA, and we are very proud of that fact. We use the sublimation print process for many of our products which results in the vibrant colors and the unique wrap-around designs that you will love. The colors in the sublimation process are long lasting and beautiful. We also use the direct to garment print process on some of our other garments depending on which suits the design best.

Our original creative designs, our sublimation printing process, and products that are made in the USA are some of the things that set our work apart and deliver products that you can't wait to have and show off. 

We’ll constantly be adding new content, and working on new ideas, so check back with us to see what's new in our store!

We think the people who will most enjoy our original, one of a kind designs are those who love life, inspiration, beauty, fun, poignancy, snark, good ole down home country humor, an a little goth and punk rock thrown in for good measure. 




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